You can use Firefox to create a shortcut on your computer's desktop to a page you've visited: Resize the Firefox window so you can see both your computer's desktop and the Firefox window on the same screen. Click the icon on the left of the address bar (where the URL is shown).

When you create a gaming profile on Facebook, you can create a custom Facebook has shortcut s You can set up Facebook texts from your settings on a desktop Jan 19, 2018 · If you want to access frequently used folders, files and apps on a Windows PC, creating a desktop shortcut can be a huge timer. Macs have the same functionality, but creating a shortcut (also An ellipsis icon appears to the right of the shortcut. Click the ellipsis. A menu opens just beneath the shortcut. Depending on whether the shortcut is for a group, Page, or game, you may see more than two options, but every shortcut shows at least two options: Pin to Top, and Hide from Shortcuts. Click Pin to Top.

5 Ways to Put a Shortcut to a Website on Your Desktop

How do you add a page onto your shortcuts list - Facebook How do you add a page onto your shortcuts list on the left hand side of newsfeed News Feed I tried searching my page when I tried to edit the shortcuts list but it didn't show up so I'm not sure how I can add a particular page on to the list since I frequent the page a lot and it's time consuming to always have to search it rather than just

Jul 13, 2019

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