Signal is one of the most popular private messenger apps used by millions of security-conscious people across the globe. It became famous overnight when American intelligence agency CIA’s ex-employee Edward Snowden said that Signal is the only app he believes to be absolutely safe and secure.

Smart HIPAA-Compliant Communication | MedChat MedChat’s Two-Way Texting solution allows your staff to text with patients while seamlessly moving the conversation to secure Live Chat when needing to collect PHI. Impossibly easy access to your organization removes patient access barriers and heightens patient satisfaction. Only 6 Messaging Apps Are Truly Secure | PCMag Nov 05, 2014 11 Best Anonymous Chat Apps When You Want to Talk to Dec 02, 2019 The 9 Best Live Chat Apps for Customer Support in 2019

Mar 24, 2020

Five secure chat apps that don't cost a dime. ChatSecure. ChatSecure is an open source chat app for both Android and iOS that uses Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging over XMMP. You can use this ChatSecure. Cryptocat. Cryptocat. Surespot Encrypted Messenger. The 9 Most Secure Encrypted Chat Apps - Brosix Mar 24, 2020 5 Best Secure Chat Apps -

Jan 28, 2020

Zoom Alternatives: 4 Super-Secure Apps For Private Video Calls Jun 01, 2020 MTN Secure Chat - Apps on Google Play Jun 26, 2020