Mar 06, 2019

Authentication Failed – IPVanish If you are presented with a message saying "Authentication Failed" either by any of our VPN apps or in one of the VPN logs, this means that your username and password were not accepted, there are three reasons this usually happens: The account has expired, either deliberately due to having been canceled or unintentionally due to a failed payment. postgresql: FATAL: password authentication failed for user sudo -u postgres psql postgres=# ALTER USER postgres WITH PASSWORD 'newpassword'; and the output return: "ALTER ROLE" but when I type "python migrate" I receive always the same error: django.db.utils.OperationalError: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "douglas" The user authentication failed! - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Dec 18, 2014

Because authentication policies operate at the user level, Exchange Online can only block Basic authentication requests for users that exist in the cloud organization. For federated authentication, if a user doesn't exist in Exchange Online, the username and password are forwarded to the on-premises IdP.

Test User Authentication. Authenticate to the Firebox as a user who is a member of the group you specified in the HTTPS-Test-Deny policy.. Browse from the client computer to the Firebox authentication portal web page at https://[Firebox interface IP address ]:4100; If more than one type of authentication is enabled, select the authentication server or domain from the Domain drop-down list. (DP) Support Tip: "[154:64450] User Authentication failed After upgrading from DP10.02 to DP10.03 , DP GUI can not connect to Cell Manager by indicating "[154:64450] User Authentication failed" . Cause It is strongly recommended that hostname is specified in fully qualified domain name (FQDN) format .

I'm still getting "User Authentication Failed", so I'm going to just wait until I get off of work tomorrow. If it's still doing it, I'm just going to request a refund. I've googled it, and other folks have had the same problem with Enmasse's account system.

Error: 'User Authentication Failed, Reason: Invalid SAML Assertion (13)' Reason: Invalid SAML Assertion (13) Cause: If you are receiving the following error: This may be caused for the following reasons: The AuthnContextClassRef value may be missing from the SAML assertion being passed to Webex.