I hope this did not happen to you. Have you tried to unplug everything from the Xbox as well as the power block? Sometimes I found (on a different 360) if the power did go out I would have to unplug the power block from the Xbox and plug it back in. This only worked if the Xbox was not fried.

If your Xbox One won't turn on, check the power cable connection at the console and wall outlet. If the device is the issue, perform a power reset. Xbox Support Xbox Support loading Easy Fix: Xbox 360 Will Not Power On! - YouTube Jan 07, 2016 Xbox One Won't Turn On Issue Solved With Simple Methods

Help! My xbox makes bing sound but wont turn on! - The

I had a faulty usb wire from those skylander sets, reccommend to unplug ever thing from the xbox to include all remotes and then unplug power from the wall, then hit the power button until it quits beeping this will power your xbox down all the way , then plug back into the wall and your xbox should come on My xbox 360 has the orange light on the power supply but it doesnt want to turn on. I pushed the on button on the console itself and on the remote and nothing happens. i read around and figured it One thing you can try is look at all the USB ports and make sure the inside of the ports are not touching each other like the metal points for instance. I once had a 360 that wouldn't turn on cause

Also do the same with the power button on the front of the xbox. If all of this fails, i'd still call Microsoft anyway, probably faulty hardware or a broken power button or similar. If you're xbox is in warrenty then definitly go through Microsoft, if it isn't you should be able to find an xbox repair man in your …

SOLVED: missing a pin in my USB port, xbox wont turn on missing a pin in my USB port, xbox wont turn on. The back usb port , usually used for the wireless adapter has a golden pin missing and I beleive it is the reason for my Xbox not even starting. Any help for either removing the USB completely , or even just fixing the port enough to get it to just start up again. My Xbox wont turn off!!!! - Xbox Association - GameSpot