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Install a fresh pfSense OS as normal and accept an Ethernet port (lan0, alc0, or eth0) as a WAN port initially to let it stop complaining. I did this without an actual internet connection, it still complained. I left the LAN blank. Log into pfSense web interface. How to Set Up Virtualized pfSense on VMware ESXi 6.x | by Jul 11, 2018 Cannot login to WebConfigurator : PFSENSE Jun 18, 2010 How to enable SNMP on a pfSense device – Auvik Support You’ll need web access to the pfSense device. Log into the web interface of your pfSense firewall. Click on Services > SNMP. Check Enable the SNMP Daemon and its controls. Make sure the polling port is 161. Enter the community string you’d like to use. Make sure all the SNMP modules boxes are checked. Select the interface to which to bind

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WebGUI access from WAN | Netgate Forum What rule should I write, and how exactly should I write it if I wish to allow access from the wan port? To allow access the pfSense Web Configurator from the WAN (or Internet): make a new rule -> Interface: WAN. Source ip : any (its better to restrict this if you know where you will be accessing from) Source port: any. Dest Ip: WAN Interface

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[SOLVED] pfSense webConfigurator does not load on any PC May 04, 2017 Tutorial Pfsense - Vlan Configuration [ Step by Step ]