Inside these are log files you can delete as well. You can also look in the following folder for the same set of folders: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Logging\RpcHttp. Here you can also delete these files. HTTP Proxy Logs. The last place you can look as well for log files is in this location:

May 18, 2020 How to delete log files in Windows using Command Prompt Nov 17, 2014 Can I delete log files safely |VMware Communities Jun 13, 2007 Delete files from command line To delete all the files in current folder. del * To delete all the files with ‘log’ extension. del *.log. Delete all files having the prefix ‘abc’ del abc* Delete all files having ‘PIC’ somewhere in the file name. del *PIC* The above are the basic use cases of del command. Continue to read below for non trivial use cases. Delete

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